Taiwan’s leading automotive brand, Luxgen (the perfect combination of ‘Luxury’ and ‘Genius’) was launched in the international market in January 2009, and today boasts of an impressive line up of vehicles with advanced technology.

Striving to exceed expectations by offering the most comprehensive levels of luxury and driving enjoyment, Luxgen promises to be the ideal car with the intelligent THINK+ system that differentiates it from competition. This powerful infotainment system keeps everyone informed, protected and entertained to make every drive safe and enjoyable.

In LUXGEN, luxury is complemented by the overall comfort, quality, design, high-tech genius equipment and thoughtful services offered; and the genius is balanced by the unique and innovative intelligent technologies customized to meet customer’s transportation and recreational requirements.

Following the ‘Think Ahead’ brand spirit, LUXGEN has grown into a sophisticated automobile brand, which sets its eyes on the global market with steadfast determination.

The LUXGEN range consisting of SUV, MPV and Sedan offers advanced technology and luxury to its patrons.